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paint their bodies, line themselves along the coulee
for an ambuscade, and then leave the rest to me.

4You know it, AssiniboinesP exclaimed the
chief, looking over toward his own people.

*Hows faoWy how!' came the response*

'Then I threw off my clothes and started to
run/ continued the chief. CI ran ahead along the
coulee for about half a mile and then raised my-
self above the horizon in full view of the enemy—
the Blackfeet They were now dressing an
antelope—and they saw me.

Tou know it, Blackfeet1/

*Agh, agh, aghr

Then I pulled myself out of view and ran bent
like this as fast as I could, and soon—a quarter of
a mile farther—I raised myself and looked over at
the Blood-Blackfeet. I saw now that they knew
they were being watched; for they had all con-
cealed their weapons beneath their blankets and
were keeping close together so that they could not
be counted.

Tou know it, Blackfeet!'

'Agh, agh, aghP

Then I bent low and put on speed again—this
time on, on, on, to a point many hundreds of yards
away—then up again—then more speed—and up
again. I went clear around them three times,
coming up so fast that they thought I was many
men looking at them from all sides,

113                        *